The evolution of my brand

Flashback 15 years I remember my self trying to design the logo for my business. You’ll agree that’s the most difficult project a designer has to do. Dozens of paper sheets went into the bin before finding the right concept, the one that really please us.

Well, I must admit that it took a couple of weeks but the result was in fact, encouraging.
So, without further ado let me show you the first origin~all logo.


Yes, the mandatory “swooshes”, the blue/orange color scheme, words slanted a bit to the right implying some motion and also the glorious tagline “POWER TO CREATE” in all caps. That’s it, we have a winner! Althought the skills at the time were a bit rough.

Three years later, in 2008, I decided to embrace the “logo 2.0” version (remember sphere and orb logos?) that added some depth to the designs along with the cast shadows and in some cases a 3D kind of look. That was the perfect time to update the brand.
Lets see how it evolved.


… and the 3D look of the icon…


That was a natural evolution, the “O” shape was still there, that was the main concern. Now I decided to drop the tagline and use only the word “design”… and the search started to find the typeface.
In all, I would say that it was well executed. kudos for me!

Ah, regarding the name of the business. I always love the double meaning in these instances; origin~all means that all my designs are made from origin, from scratch (no copy!) and so, they are completely original. That was it.

Two years later (2010) it was time for another remake. The signs of time, specially in this industry, can be harsh to your brand and I need to be up-to-par with the trends (again?) and it was a logic thing to do. Improve even further, making the logo clean, recognisable and more powerful!


I say that’s getting better with time, right? Shapes are more friendly, the typeface ties the icon very well and the color scheme was a open pallet. I always want my logo to stand out in every media and in every background and this remodeling was no exception.
But I wasn’t totally happy… and that’s a good thing!

And that brings me to 2013!


I kept the circle but I refined the “cutout” detail (~) moving it to where it divides the two words. Along with that revision I also find a matching typeface that is also customised for better integration.

Color scheme it’s still in the wild…

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