I Just Sent My Name To Mars!


Just got my Insight’s Boarding Pass!

I’m starting to collect a lot of flying NASA miles specially when it comes to travelling to… another planet. Yes, Mars!

It all started with NASA’s Or1on that carried the Curiosity robot to the red planet. Yours truly earned 60,000 points for the same amount of miles (96.560 Km).

Now, the #JourneyToMars continues its mission with Rocket Atlas V 401 that will lift off next March, 4th 2016. It’ll carry Insight to study the heart of Mars. Exciting!

The miles are insanely crazy: 297,805,305 miles/points that equals 479.271.181 Km!

So, I’ve earned so far… 297.865.305 points! Wow!!

Can’t wait for the launch!